American Airlines Christmas Tale

Read this Christmas tale and learn how American Airlines and British Airways have lost their ability to serve their customers.

This morning our family of five plus a grandmother and uncle headed out for the trip of our life. With five weeks in Costa Rica and the US ahead of us, there is no need to say that we were all excited about the upcoming Christmas holidays. Not the least our three and eigth year olds who anciently had waited for this day to arrive.

Arriving at the airport before check-in opened one could say we were more ready than necessary. BUT – One hour and 45 minutes later when the backage drop closed we were still in line. We had informed the staff numerous times that having only three open check-in counters would not do, but no one seemed to care or listen. We were told that everything was under control and that it would be no problem getting on board.

Now were sitting in the Copenhagen airport concluding that we probably wont make any of connecting fligths. The staff say that they are doing what they can to find alternatives, but we’re starting to doubt them.

So far none of our contact with the airline has helped us. When we contacted them two months ago they couldn’t even help us with a baby bassinet or guarantee that we could sit together. This resulted in our three and eigth year olds being pre-seated isolated in the middle of a section. Hmmm …

The only thing that has worked out so far is American Airlines withdrawel of more than $4,500. The question is now:

– When will we hear from a competent person from AA?
– Is two much to ask for seating together as a family?
– Why pay a premium to fly with AA and BA when the service is much lower than the cheap airlines?
– When will someone contact us with a solution on phone +45 2728 8160. So far everyone have said it’s not their problem and literally disappeared

Stay tuned for the next chapter of the American Airlines Christmas Tale.

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